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Patio Shades

Cheap Patio Shades | Pasadena LA Blinds & Shades

Choose patio shades that make your property a better place to spend time. We’re the Pasadena-based specialists in custom patio shades, and we offer all the options you need. Choose from a wide selection of different shade types, including overhead shades and motorized outdoor shades. No matter the size of your patio or the kind of design you’re after, you can be sure that we’ll provide the perfect solution. We even offer free consultations in your area, so you can see exactly how your new patio shades will look. Take a look through a few of the high-quality patio shades we offer here.

Motorized Exterior Shades Make Life Simple

The issue that many Pasadena homeowners run into is that it can be awkward to reposition your patio shades. This is especially true if you have a large patio where you spend a lot of time. You don’t want to be continually getting up to adjust the position of your shades, or to spend time rolling them up and down. Choose our custom motorized exterior shades instead, to get excellent convenience at your property. It takes nothing more than the press of a button to set your shades to the right position, making your life more convenient.

Outdoor Shades For Homes Of Any Size

Get the most out of your property by fitting custom outdoor shades. Our products are made to the highest quality around, so you can trust that they’ll stand the test of time. Don’t worry about dazzling sunshine, causing glare headaches and sunburn anymore. Our outdoor shades are perfect for providing shades when and where you need it. Exterior shades also do a great job at stopping bugs getting in, as well as preventing pets from getting out. This makes our exterior shades a great addition to any Pasadena property.

Rain Protection With Waterproof Outdoor Shades

The quickest way to spoil a party is with a sudden downpour. Even if you’re undercover, rain can easily be blown into your patio from the sides, leaving you and your guests damp and uncomfortable. Simply install custom waterproof outdoor shades to prevent this from happening. Our waterproof shades are designed to stop rain entering your property, and are easy to adjust to the right position. As soon as you feel the first drops, you can close the shades, protecting your property, outdoor furniture, and guests.

Find Your Perfect Patio Shades Today

Our range of custom patio shades provides all the options you need to improve your home. Why delay? Pasadena Blinds & Shades provides no-obligation consultations in the local area, so if you’re nearby, then we can give you a free quote. Simply get in touch today, and our representatives will find time to visit you.


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