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Offices, restaurants, stores, and even critical service facilities like hospitals and schools need window coverings just as much as houses do, and in some cases more. Picking the right pair for your place will not only make doing business easier and more comfortable, but it will also reduce costs and make management an easier task.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

The key to a successful workplace is making people want to come back over and over again, whether they are customers, employees or patrons. Protecting privacy, adjusting sunlight levels, and creating an ambiance that fits the environment all go a long way towards making an indoor space appealing. Window shades can also, if chosen well and matched to the rest of the décor, be a great visual asset just on their own.

Sunlight Can Hurt

Having some warm, golden sunlight streaming through your windows is a great image, but the sun can be an enemy as well as a friend. Electronics, wallpaper, and carpets or furniture can all be damaged by sunlight, and glare can make a difficult work or leisure environment. Adjustable window blinds, or our sheer or solar-reflective shades, can let in just the right kind of light while minimizing glare or completely repelling the harmful ultraviolet spectrum.

Saving on Power

Aside from looking pretty and controlling the light levels, well-chosen window covers also play a role in thermoregulation. Almost a third of natural heat gain and loss from buildings happens through the windows, even when the panes are closed.  This means that insulating them will help you retain the desired temperature without needing as much electric heating and cooling. Thicker fabrics, reflective polyester surfaces, or cellular anti-convection shades can all lower your electricity bill, even if you motorize them!

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