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Layered Shades

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What’s so great about window treatments is that there are so many different options available today. Without question, one of the best ones is layered shades. There isn’t a lack of reasons why these patterned coverings are such a popular choice for both homes and business establishments.

A Great Way to Control Sunlight

All window coverings are meant to, first and foremost, provide UV protection and shade. That’s why they’re called shades in the first place. But the ways in which each type accomplishes this task can make some a great choice for your needs, and others less so. Layered shades are unique in that they work by staying on your window and not moving up or down like other types. Their two layers move on a loop, overlapping each other’s sheer or opaque stripes to allow more or less light in according to your desire. But whether the dark bands are on top or the light ones are showing, layered shades always provide some UV protection, making them an excellent choice for all sorts of areas.

Unique and Stylish Shading

The zebra-like pattern of layered shades is where they get their name from. This unusual design style allows for a lot of variety and customization, as the stripes can consist of a range of colors, as well as textured designs. This allows layered coverings to offer special décor additions that can complement a range of interior design fashions.

No Need To Do It Manually

If you don’t want the hassle of having to adjust the position of the window shade’s layers several times a day according to the position of the sun, there’s an innovative solution. Smart home technology now allows for motorized layered shades that you can control with your smartphone, a wireless wall switch or a remote handset device. But that’s not all. Brands like Somfy and Lutron also offer unique temperature and brightness sensors that will allow your motorized shades to self-adjust their layers according to specific settings you choose.

Beauty and Adjustability Rolled Into One

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