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Motorized Exterior Shades | Altadena | Pasadena Blinds & Shades

Motorized Exterior Shades

Customer Issue: This customer needed extra protection from sunlight.
Our Solution: This customer’s glass walls looked amazing, but really needed additional protection from the heat and glare. To avoid going around the house to manually open and close shades, we suggested the automated option. We measured everything we needed in order to custom build the shades and returned as soon as we created them. Once we finished the installation, we showed Mrs. Clark how everything worked and let her enjoy the view without the bright glare from the sun.

Patricia Clark - Altadena
Vertical Blinds | Pasadena Blinds & Shades

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer wanted a tall and very long window in her living room/gallery covered. A large set of vertical blinds was the most efficient solution.
Our Solution: The large size of the window called for some more structural engineering when designing the blinds. Each slat received its own pair of rollers, and we used a more rigid plastic than usual to prevent the blinds from sagging under their own weight. The window was deep set enough to let even bulkier, more rigid slats turn in place, and our designed fit well.

Sara Adazzi - Pasadena
Venetian Blinds Next To Pasadena CA

Venetian Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Keller’s office had nearly been completed in terms of set up, but still required new blinds to keep out glare on computer monitors.
Our Solution: Because Mr. Keller wanted straight-forward window treatments that wouldn’t be too loud or distracting, he decided to go with Venetian blinds. They’re a simple style that is reliable and easy to use, so his employees won’t have any trouble adjusting them and returning to work. He also chose an off-white color that wouldn’t be too bright.

Laurence Keller - Pasadena
Motorized Blinds for Patio Doors Nearest San Marino CA

Motorized Blinds for Patio Doors

Customer Issue: Mr. Dixon wanted to be able to let sunlight in and out easily according to his tastes so he could have some natural lighting, but still maintain privacy.
Our Solution: Motorization would let the customer adjust the blinds quickly when he wanted more or less natural light, all with a remote control. He happily agreed that this was exactly what he was looking for, and our team custom made the blinds for installation right away.

Jamie Dixon - San Marino
Motorized Roman Shades Nearby Altadena CA

Motorized Roman Shades

Customer Issue: The formal living room’s window needed coordinated blinds. The design was very important to the customer, but so was an easy operation.
Our Solution: The customer chose custom-made flat roman shades, to give the room a unique and timeless look. Our team was able to find a solid color that matched the pattern on the existing drapes, and installed Lutron controls, enabling easy operation of each or together using a remote control.

Kenneth Blackwell - Altadena
Solar Shades Next To Pasadena CA

Solar Shades

Customer Issue: The customer was looking to keep natural lighting in his home without the sun damage.
Our Solution: Solar shades allow in natural light through sheer fabric while also keeping out the harmful UV rays that bleach the color out of furniture and books. Our team felt this would be the best fit for this customer’s needs and he agreed.

Bruce Jennings - Pasadena
Faux Wood Blinds Nearby Kinneloa Mesa

Faux Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer wanted the look of wood blinds without the expense.
Our Solution: While this customer was looking for the classic style of wood blinds, he was aware that it would be expensive to carry out. Our team the suggested faux wood blinds instead, which would look the same while being more affordable as well as resisting moisture.

Vernon Walker - Kinneloa Mesa
Motorized Shades Close To Pasadena CA

Motorized Shades

Customer Issue: The customer didn’t want to devote employee time to adjusting the shades.
Our Solution: Rather than have her employees waste valuable time messing with shades according to the time of day, our professionals suggested that our customer get motorized shades that could be set to open and close with timers instead. This way, they could take care of themselves!

Sonja Kelley - Pasadena
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