Zebra Blinds

July 6, 2016

zebra blindsOne of the main purposes of windows is to let light in. Sometimes, when the sunlight is too bright, having it come inside unfiltered is not convenient. Harsh sunlight that gets in your bedroom, living room or office will irritate your eyes and may even cause some harm to your skin. This is why sunlight needs to be controlled with the use of the right kind of window cover.

You can choose to use window shutters that have a darkening effect if you would like to be able to completely block out the sun. This is possible with the use of the artistically designed horizontal blinds that incorporate alternating vane colors.

Emulating the Zebra’s Stripes

A zebra has a series of alternating black and white stripes that let it blend into its background. Modern designers use this same alternating pattern for a different effect. When utilized in darkening blinds, the pattern provides a unique control over light coming in.

If you want to let light in, then you can choose to orient the vanes alternatingly but if there is a need to make a room dark, then you can block out the light completely by adjusting the opaque vanes to align. In this orientation, they now become room darkening shades.

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