Silhouette Blinds

July 6, 2016
Silhouette Blinds

Natural lighting can be very useful in certain areas of your home or office. If the architecture of your place allows it, natural light can be used to provide you with all your interior lighting needs. The problem with natural light however is that left unfiltered it can be very harsh to the eyes, skin and even furniture. This is why you need window blinds to control the amount of sun coming in.

We at Pasadena Blinds & Shades can offer you plenty of different types of window shades but if you would like to diffuse the light coming in without significantly darkening the room, then silhouette shades is the right kind for you.

The Power of Diffusion

Hunter Douglas creates a range of very elegant pieces to choose from. Most fall into the muted pastel colors but there are also some that have vanes that are a little bit darker. When you choose this kind of blinds for your home or office, you are actually choosing to use two principles: diffusion and blocking. The vanes provide most of the blocking with manipulation of their angles. They can be made of soft fabric or other similar material. Diffusion is provided by the translucent panel that’s draped over the vanes. This panel provides the privacy as well as allows most of the light to pass through to make full use of softened natural lighting.

If you’re interested, you can ask for some free samples to try and when you decide to go with us, we’ll offer you a 5 year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee with your purchase!