Honeycomb Blinds

July 6, 2016

Perfect for High-tech Homes

honeycomb blindsFor the most eco and budget-friendly window blinds, many homeowners turn to the honeycomb style. Also known as cellular shades, these blinds are made with a cellular structure that provides added insulation and filtering. Did you know that your windows and doors are the greatest source of thermal energy loss? This means that all that fresh air that you work so hard to keep indoors is easily lost through contact with the outside air coming through your windows and doors. The cellular structure of these blinds provides a barrier between the outside air and the comfortable air inside your home, reducing how much your air conditioner and heater need to work. The unique design and functionality is so efficient that many types of honeycomb designs qualify for a US energy tax credit.

Choose Your Blind Size

Honeycomb blinds come in several different sizes depending on your needs and the size of your window. Smaller windows are best suited with our smallest sized cells while the largest cells provide a lightweight cover for your larger windows. If you are looking for new blinds that will look great and help with energy efficiency, give our window experts at Pasadena Blinds & Shades a call today.

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