July 19, 2016

Modern Home & Office Blinds – Fantastic Prices

Our FAQ page is a great place to learn more about window blinds and shades. It’s easy to make the right decisions when you are well-informed. Take full advantage of the advice shared below.

How much does a consultation cost?

All consultations given by Pasadena Blinds & Shades are free, just give us a call and we’ll send a representative over to your home and business for your consultation!

What are the pros and cons of white blinds?

These make the room brighter even if they don’t let any ambient light in and visually bigger too. At the same time, even the smallest imperfections show easily on the white background. That is why these window treatments may require cleaning more often.

Can insulating window treatments really help you keep energy costs down?

Yes, they can. It has been estimated that around a quarter of the heat lost by the average single-family house goes out the windows, literally. This means that blinds or shades with a high R-value can save you a great deal of money.

Can people see you from the outside if you have light filtering window coverings?

They should not be able to see you during the day. In the evening, when you have the interior lights on, they may be able to see silhouettes, but this depends greatly on the level of filtering. You may want to test samples first.

Can you hand wash fabric shades?

This depends on their design and make. Usually, this isn’t possible. However, some models have removable fabric layers which can be washed. They have to be unsnapped from the vanes first. After washing and air drying, they need to be attached accurately so that the shades can work as usual.

Which rooms are the darkening shades and blinds best suited for?

These are ideal for all parts of the house where you want to block ambient light completely and get the highest level of privacy. They are ideal not only for adult bedrooms, but for game and home theatre rooms.